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The PRO250 homogenizer unit is a perfect fit in between the Bio-Gen PRO200 homogenizer unit and PRO digital homogenizer units. It's lightweight enough to be used handheld, yet has extra torque for processing larger and/or difficult samples. Two optional stands are available for the PRO250 homogenizer. A separate ON/OFF switch effortlessly allows for the dial knob speed control to remain at your ideal homogenizing speed. Combining the power of a 3/4 hp, 576 watt motor with a smooth variable speed control, the PRO250 homogenizer unit handles a wide range of sample sizes. It can be used with a range of probes ranging in diameter from 5mm to 30mm, it can process samples from 0.05ml to 5L*. Requires a generator probe to use. Generator probes and accessories are sold separately. PRO Homogenizing Equipment is made in the USA. Please Note: Viscous samples will reduce max capacity. Adding a Deflector Head to your Generator Probe will facilitate movement of your sample during homogenization and help increase max volume homogenization. The PRO250 homogenizer is also available in a convenient homogenizing package, which includes everything you need to begin homogenizing. *Higher volumes dependent on viscosity.

máy đồng hóa pro250

máy đồng hóa pro250

Model Pro250

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