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Tủ bảo quản mẫu MD72

With its clean chamber conception of rounded corners, no crevices (even in the racking system) for contaminants to hide and with gentle air circulation, the EC 160 is designed to resist contamination and protect your valuable cultures. Fast temperature recovery, without any overshoot continues this substantial protection.

Comprehensive N-Smart™ control system keeps the user fully informed with display of set and actual parameter values. Should any alarm situation occur, a variety of alerts can be invoked. Optional AlerText™ will send a text message to you anywhere in the world and could include the NÜVE service support for fast response.

Wet disinfection by NüveDis™ ensures a clean chamber. Removing the shelves and racks (only 20 seconds!) permits use of the nUVeray™ ultra-violet option that can achieve sterilization in a very short time.

Chamber Volume : 160 liters
Temperature range: Ambient Temperature +7°C to 50°C
Temperature variation / fluctuation: ± 0,3°C / ± 0,1°C at 37°C
Programmable temperature alarm range: ± 0,5°C to 5°C
Air jacketed heating system
RaPIDcell™ fast temperature recovery without overshoot
CO2 Range: 0 to 20 % CO2
CO2 Variation / Fluctuation: ± 0,3 % / ± 0,1%
Programmable CO2 alarm range: ± 0,5 % to 5 %
Infra-Red CO2 level control permitting frequent Access
N-Smart™ control system to optimize parameters
Maximum information with highly visible 4,3’’ colourful LCD display
Simultaneous display of set and actual values
Seamless stainless steel chamber with rounded corners
Clean chamber without any sensor inside
NuveDis™ 90°C wet disinfection system
Massive data storage with NuveTrack™ which stores the records up to ten years with one hour intervals as digitally and graphically
2 pcs. USB port for data storage and PC
Ethernet port for remote access through internet
Possibility of sending e-mails in case of any failure
Optional NuveCloser™software to access the operating parameters, failure history, memory and other technical parameters
Auto Zero for permanent accurate control
0,22 μm sterile filtration of CO2 , sampled gases and Auto-Zero reference air
Typical 95 % RH to protect cultures against dehydration
Audible and visual (text) alarms, remote alarm relay
Remote alarm outlet
Optional AlerText™ SMS alarm system for ultimate security
Optional NuveWarn™ remote alarm system
Built-in 2nd stage gas regulator