Optizen Alphalook

Optizen Alphalook


– Photometrics Systems:Photodiode array, PDA

– Spectral brandwidth: 1.0 nm (190 to 1100 nm)

– Wavelength range: 190nm to 1100nm

– Wavelength setting: 0.1nm

– Wavelength accuracy: <± 0.5 nm

– Wavelength repeatability: <± 0.005 Abs.

– Photometric stability: < 0.001 Abs/h

– Photometric noise (Baseline): 0.001 Abs

– Light source: Tungsten Halogen Lamp & Deuterium Lamp

– Detector: Photodiode array.

– Standard cell holder: single cell

– Typical scan time: about 2s

– Data compatibility with desktop PC and tablet

Feture of Optizen Alphalook

– The exterior button is available for the simple and fast measuremt.

– Quartz coating treatment to prevent the high-precision parts from a polluted material.

– Easy replacement of a cell holder owing to using screws

– It can check a lamp using time in real time.

– Offering a table stand to consider the user’s eye position.

– It can operate without additional transformer and power stabilizer even in unstable power supply.

– Swift and precise measurement through electrical shutter con

Applications of Optizen Alphalook

PDA UV-Vis spectrophotometer can obtain an Ultraviolet-to-NIR broad spectrum at one time by using a simple and precise optical device and check the result value of the wavelength data that the user wants to see.

In addition, the product can handle very conveniently a complicated sample or a lot of samples with a simple touch by using compatible accessories.

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