Safe3 Class III Microbiological

Safe3 Class III Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Model S@fe3

Origin: Italia

Manufactured in accordance with EN12469:2000 standard

State of the art microprocessor control system

Main switch with removable key

Soft-touch keyboard

Bar graph for exhaust airflow conditions; permanent display

Alarms for low air flow•Sloped front for the most comfortable access

Front and side access for filter maintenance and service•C-shaped support stand for easy one-man installation procedure

Transfer hatch with interlocked doors•Class III cabinet with exclusive three filter design and Class 100 inner chamber.

Controls comfortably located at eye level

The fan speed and aeraulic controlled by Microprocessor 

Three operating modes: normal, standby, calibration

High speed rinse at startup

Self-calibration and internal Watch-dog cycle before “SAFE” condition is reached

Visual display of “SAFE” conditions and “UNSAFE” conditions (LED and bar graph)

Elapsed time meter•Microprocessor control with the following specifications:

+ multilevel alarms, with redundancy functions.

+ Permanent display of working conditions.

+ High airflow stability both in case of transitional disturbances or to progressive filter clogging

+ Power failure alarm•Volt-free contact for remote monitoring of exhaust fan.

Automatic reset of initial conditions in case of power failure

C-shaped support stand for easy one-man installation procedure

Anti blowback valve (optional) for ducted configuration

Magnehelic Gauge for internal chamber pressure constant monitoring

One (1) Electrical Socket as a standard option.

UV-Light installed on top (standard option)

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